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Our macOS Recovery utility can recover deleted, lost or damaged files from a wide range of hard disk drive or storage media data.
SALVAGEDATA’s free data recovery software for Mac is designed to be highly efficient and easy to use by even the most non-technical user.

Data recovery software

Our free data recovery software can help you recover the data in case of a deletion or formatted storage media.

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Absolutely free to use
Work with NTFS, HFS+, ext
Professional home security systems installs and configurations
Security Information System (SIS)® for crime prevention
Video surveillance round a clock
Tour-Trax devices for officers

We salvage data

From all storage brands

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Our free data recovery software for Mac uses superb techniques and algorithms to recover files or deleted data from a wide range of file system types. Unlike many limited data recovery software utilities, SALVAGEDATA Total Recovery is a complete solution that also supports Mac HFS, HFS+, and various other file system types, providing the best free recovery software for Mac users.

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