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With over 96.7% success rate, SalvageData has been the world`s leading ISO-certified data salvaging laboratory recovering personal and business data since 2003.

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SalvageData understands the devastation of data loss like no other. We've helped businesses from permanent shutdowns and retrieved precious memories for over 100,000 individuals.

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We know firsthand how severe the consequences of unforseen data loss can be for a business. Strong background in data recovery practice, coupled with the state-of-the-art facilities and certified clean room, is the reason we are not afraid to take on the most intricate and challenging cases.


Indeed, different data loss cases require different recovery approaches. Our highly qualified engineers have a good eye for quickly and accurately identifying the problem, but also choosing the best way to retrieve files that will be most effective in your specific case.


Since 2003, SalvageData has been successfully rescuing inaccessible files of thousands of companies around the world, and providing professional recovery services for all kinds of storage devices. No matter how severe your case may be, rest assured that we have the technical capability and the necessary experience to solve the issue and bring your data back.

Review Results

In order to offer our customers the best experience and make the recovery procedure as convenient as possible, we provide a list of recovered items as soon as the process of receiving the files is completed.


Once the amount of recovered data has been determined, we will inform you of the cost of recovery services. The final price is normally based on the complexity of the recovery, so that logical errors are usually cheaper than mechanical failures.

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There are several ways we can deliver your data to you. The retrieved files can either be transferred along with the drive via safe shipping, by downloading the data onto a new device, or simply by sending it over digitally.

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Our free data recovery software can help you recover the data in case of a deletion or formatted storage media.

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